• 2011-12-11

    An Award after 10 years of defending human rights

    I have been given an Award for Human Rights Strategic Litigation at UN Gala of Human Rights. The event is organised every year by the United Nations Office in Moldova on 10th December – International Day of Human Rights, more details can be found here and here

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  • 2011-12-09

    (Română) Articolul desfașurat pe marginea cauzei O. Brega c Privesc.EU va apărea în Avocatul Poporului, ediția din decembrie 2011, dar poate fi accesat și aici la publicații

    (Română) Întitulat ”UN PAS ÎNAINTE ÎN REGLEMENTAREA DISCURSULUI DE URĂ ŞI A INJURIEI ÎN SPAŢIUL VIRTUAL, cauza O. Brega catre Privesc.EU” articolul poate fi accesat pe aceasta pagină la

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  • 2011-11-24

    Hate Speech and Incitement to discrimination against LGBT people is sanctioned by the the Law on freedom of expression

    I have won the case against the website Privesc.EU which was found responsabile for hate speech and incitement to discrimination against people with homosexual orientation due to failure to moderate their chat room opened for users to comments at an LGBT conference in february 2010. CurajTV had posted the interview realized yesterday after the court hearing in the case and you can here for yourself the court’s summary judgment and my commentary in Romanian

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